Fintech will become the most powerful startups after the pandemic

Reactivating the labor market and reviving the economy will be two of the greatest challenges in Mexico and in all the countries of the world.

While many banks have to speed up internal processes to improve their digital offering, fintech companies were born precisely to solve that problem, says the expert.

Technology is the fundamental part of apps like Bnext and other fintech companies, so the new normal for many will be simply the day-to-day of this type of startup.

Many financial institutions face a new reality in which as many branches are not necessary, as thousands of startups depend on the physical place to operate. Fintech can work in small spaces, cheaper, and even from home without problem, a work dynamic that will increase in the following months.
Given the uncertainty about what will come economically, there is a sector that continues to grow due to the adoption of new digital and technological routines: fintech.

Many small companies are at risk of stopping operations or making cuts in the following months, but fintech companies, on the other hand, are startups that will benefit.


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