Mobile banking was the starting point of new ways of consuming financial products and made it possible to operate from our mobile 24/7. The advantages are really good since it also operates with the highest levels of security, thus protecting the Big Data of the users efficiently and safely.

Mobile applications have also been developing various modalities for detecting biometric data such as fingerprint or facial recognition, which makes their use even better. In addition, from the app you can detect any irregular use that happens in real time.

Consumers constantly generate changes, new needs and expectations, so mobile banking must propose ideas of value that keep pace with users.

According to a Global Study of Consumers in Distribution and Marketing by Accenture, there are five things that users expect from digital banking:

The first is Data as Currency, that is, consumers are willing to give their personal data but in return they want benefits that generate value. The second is The Model “Gafa” Attracts, its acronym refers to Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, which for many consumers are better forms of connection compared to traditional forms.

Thirdly, they like Automated Services that generate high reliability and efficiency. Fourth, the Personalization of Services, since they expect them to cover their financial needs and objectives. Finally, it is to be Agnostics, the medium doesn’t matter so much, what really matters is to be quickly and efficiently.

What do you think about it? And you, what would you like to see implemented in financial services?

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