Artificial intelligence

Conversational AI in the banking sector

Chatbots are today one of the most popular and interesting value-added resources since they not only help the user on their way through the contracting of services and technical doubts that may arise, but they are also potentially sellers since they can be configured with Many different purposes, in the banking sector they do not miss the opportunity to use this technology in order to improve their customer service.

Conversational AI supports digital employees, who differ from chatbots in many ways, starting with their ability to handle customers who go off script. Chatbots can’t determine what customers want if they change their minds in the middle of a sentence and present multiple issues or queries simultaneously. Be confused, chatbots will provide wrong answers or give no answer. This could leave consumers extremely frustrated and their problems will only be made worse by the inability of the chatbot to solve them.

Chatbots are created with strict and formulated interaction in mind. They are unable to answer questions beyond their ability to be programmed, nor can they learn to solve new problems over time. Inevitably, it creates roadblocks that lower NPS scores and limit the number of contacts that can be classified on first contact.

Digital employees can adapt to customer needs, unlike a chatbot. Additionally, digital employees understand exactly what the customer is referring to. For example, if a customer says, “On Thursday, wire $ 200 to Jack,” the digital clerk will understand what it means. If the consumer then adds, “Transfer it on Friday instead of via Ricky”, the conversational artificial intelligence (AI) will understand what the customer meant, react accordingly, and transfer the money through the requested service without further clarification.

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