Digital transformation is having a very important role even in the habits of users, as they are participants of different digital channels that make payment processes easier and have also become indispensable channels to interact with the bank.  

Therefore, personalization and access to these platforms must be friendly and easy for customers to feel safe. In addition, let’s not forget that customers generate large amounts of data and leave a trail of their activities and purchases, so it is important that customer loyalty, recommendation and customer service strategies emerge that stand out.  

There are two types of approaches that customers choose depending on their preference are: The omnichannel approach, which is where the user chooses the channel of their preference like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, SMS etc. So they should be channels where the service is most of the time or instead occupy answering machines that transfer the information to customer service and then be attended. 

And finally the personalized service that I personally consider is the best, since the direct attention with the brand is the attention that we all seek, we like to be attended to our liking and we like to feel listened to, to know our needs and tastes so it is more personal and friendly. 

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