Fintech ecosystem at a global level

The trend of the Fintech sector in digital banking has been growing, especially in the Asian continent. Globally, it continues to grow in nominal and percentage terms, indeed, it has doubled compared to the previous year as total investment to Fintech companies in Asia has been 62% according to Accenture figures.

In the European continent, for example, the United Kingdom has been one of the pioneers since it’s not only the European center of finance at an international level, but only in London every hour a new Fintech startup is created. Other important cities in the Fintech sector are Berlin, Zurich, Dublin and Amsterdam.

For its part, North America plays an important role in Fintechs as they are becoming larger and more valuable. One city that has taken the initiative is New York, as it attracts billions of dollars in venture capital and many of the world’s largest financial companies are located there.

Another important country is Mexico because in August 2018 it overcame the barriers of the 300 Fintech startups taking the second most important place of the fintech in Latin America, that is why investors, banks and other actors are focusing their attention on Mexico as there is a high percentage of the unbanked population and more and more investors are willing to invest and contribute to the financial ecosystem of this country.