European Fintechs raised more capital in 2020.

European #Fintechs raised more #capital in 2020 than any other industry raking in $9.4bn between January and early December, spurred by a handful of giant rounds.
Funding saw a brief dip in March after coronavirus dampened investing appetite, but funding picked up again in the second and third quarter.

1) Klarna raised $650m in September, following on from its $200m raise in January
2) Revolut raised $580m (Feb/July)
3) Tink raised €175 (Jan/Dec)
4) auxmoney raised €150m (Sept)
5) Checkout.com raised $150m (June)
6) Starling Bank raised £100m (Feb/May)
7) Qonto raised €104m (Jan)
8) Satispay raised €93m (Nov)
9) Mollie raised $106m (Sept)
10) N26 raised $100m (May)

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