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Google’s new solution for financial services.

Google’s new solution comes into play called Procurement DocAI whose main function is to automate the capture of procurement data at scale such as receipts and invoices, this innovative solution will take a variety of formats that will make them structured in a clean way

Google Cloud has announced its newest solution, Procurement DocAI, to automate the capture of procurement data at scale (for example, invoices and receipts) announced on Google Cloud NEXT: OnAir, the solution will take unstructured documents in a variety of formats and it will make them cleanly structured. data.

The supply and distribution networks of large companies, as well as small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), generate millions of invoices, receipts and other related documents per year. These processes generate significant overhead costs for each item purchased. With competitive pressures only increasing, companies are being forced to find new ways to automate one of their highest volume business processes – the purchasing cycle.

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