Financial Leaders

Open Finance celebrates women leaders in financial sector

Women equality would add 12T USD to global GDP by 2025 (McKinsey)

We celebrates women leaders such as Charlotte Crosswell Innovate Finance, Poojya Manjunath & Diana Carrasco Lloyds, Julie Lake Fintech 50, Melanie Palmer Nucoro, Ceri Godwin Santander UK, Katalin Kauzli Charlie India, Pam Bateson Thive Partners, Andrea Kates Futureproofing, Avivah Litan Gartner Inc., April Rudin Rudin Group, Ana Botín of Santander & all women that day by day strive to make a better financial world like: Wincie Wong, Sherry Coutu CBE, Laura Citron, Julia Streets, Ghela Boskovich, Catherine Wines, Clare Black, Adena Friedman, Anne Finucane, Jane Fraser, Mirna Sleiman, Theodora Lau, Anna Irrera, Helene Li, Claer Barrett

Special Thanks to women in MEXICO:

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