The 5 fintech trends during the pandemic

Global trends took an unexpected turn with the pandemic that is hitting the world and the financial environment was not immune to this change that changed global trends in favor and against different sectors, this time we return to the 5 most benefited by this situation

Payments and remittances.
Commercial technologies for financial institutions.
Insurer or insurtech.
Digital banking.

In Mexico, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption and development of fintech. Only in the first months of the closure did the country exceed the number of operations of these companies to reach the levels expected for the next five years, according to the Legal Paradox consultancy.

Since 2016, fintech startups in Mexico have grown at an average annual rate of 23%, according to Finnovista’s Fintech Radar Mexico 2020, which implies that the demand for services by these types of companies continues to increase; they are also taking advantage of current circumstances to become key players in financial services.

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