The effects of the pandemic have changed the form of payment and now that more and more digital tools are offered, this practice has become more agile and simple. An example is the CoDi platform that was implemented by Banco de México. CoDi proposes to pay electronically through a mobile device, using Qr and NFC codes so that transactions can be made without using cash.

It is time for businesses to take this opportunity for change and begin to install digital platforms and implement electronic commerce since sales through this medium have increased significantly. The digital idea of ​​payment methods has to include above all the confidence and security that user data is protected.

According to data from public sources, they show that, in Latin America, this pandemic increased by approximately 17% in the use of online banking, 20% mobile banking and a considerable drop in visits to branches of 30%, which is why digital payment is advised in all or most of the entities and businesses for the very near future.

Despite everything, there is still much to do because everyone needs to understand and understand the change that digital transformation entails, from the use of the credit card to electronic payments as well as a good infrastructure, laws and regulations that guarantee security of the payment entities as of the users.

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