Top 20 Neobanks 2020 Research

Top 20 Neobanks 2020 Research is to study, rank neobanks based on valuation and compares them on various parameters such as user base, funding, investors, and more.

– The top 2 neobanks on the list are Chime from the US and Nu from Brazil.

– Tinkoff Bank, a Russian Challenger Bank, ranks third as it is valued at $ 1 billion

– Latin America contributes to this list 4 banks #NuBank#C6BankNeon and Ualá

Revolut, currently at 13MM, added 5MM users last year, while #Tinkoff (12MM) and #Chime (10MM)

This 2021 which Neobanks have the possibility of being in the Top 10?