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Hendrick Chan


Rodrigo Baer

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Adriana Tortajada

CEO & Managing Partner

Marcus Dantus

Founder & CEO

Fernando Gonzalez

Partner QED & CEO

Alfonso Zazueta

CEO & Founder

Luis X Barrios

CEO & Founder

Alfredo Montoya


Participantes 2022

Is a neobank that offers 100% digital financial solutions for the unbanked with the aim of including them financially. Improvement of health and financial education, empowerment of users and micro-businesses, promote a sustainable and inclusive economy in Latam through the use of predictive technology and blockchain.

Tucapp is a fintech startup that creates a community to help micro businesses in Latin America become more efficient and increase their income through digitalization.

Is a Startup – Fintech & Proptech – Tokenized Blockchain Platform – Financial Asset Digitalization. Our business idea was born in 2019, when our C.E.O. Jorge H. Nieto, consolidated the first bases of a disruptive, innovative, legal and practical opportunity to use Blockchain technology and apply it to investments through the Digitalization and Asset Tokenization

Hassle-free audited operations. mycashless is a distributed mobile service that enables fast transactions between guests and vendors without requiring an internet connection, giving you peace of mind and full control of your money with 100% uptime no matter the scale. mycashless is a wearable cashless® solution and the only fully offline phone-to-phone transacting engine. Feel the power of customer-centricity and see your revenue jump with no integrations needed

A B2B2C solution that is going to change the paradigm in the employee benefits ecosystem, by taking advantage of Caja de Ahorro of the federal labor law. We can offer a plug-and-play solution for employees, so they can access a variety of benefits like payroll savings, payroll loans, salary on demand, and Insurance. META is… plug-and-play solution for companies in all industries, which achieves increased employee compensation without the need for employer investment

Starting from the concept that a notion creation can not only be a decoration in an urban space, but also perform various utilities, we place engineering and design, so that it can acquire technology and performs several functions, therefore, a person is able to optimize their time, space and resources in other areas, which can be very useful when giving a purpose to these attachments that can be used by companies and organizations.

Nufi automates the identity validation of people or companies, up to 10 times faster than the sector at a lower cost. Our goal is to empower everyone to create financial products, with modular blocks that allow any technological solution to be created

Is a smart factoring platform for B2B SMBs in LATAM, that allows them to turn their receivables into cash.

Wrabbit enables people to invest in crypto portfolios tailored to their risk profile. Users get access to daily live group mentorship sessions where they can learn from others, ask questions, and experience human companionship.

At techreo we offer financial inclusion for the unbanked. Through our application, people have access to savings accounts, credits for their business, investment accounts, insurance and financial education.

FemTech focused on supporting women entrepreneurs to migrate to the digital world through financial education, sales training and credit granting.

is the first earned-wage access platform in Colombia but already one of the largest in Latin America. It serves the top employers in Colombia and is present across segment. Provide cash advances to employees, a cost-effective and fair replacement of loan sharks in the region. Aside from that, Advance include a large marketplace of services which intends to serve employee' needs and, as such, contribute to a improve workplace wellbeing.

Seeks to improve access to credit for agricultural producers in LATAM through a unique risk algorithm, and a go-to-market strategy based on alliances with international input companies.

Offer high-tech solutions, always meeting the needs of our customers in the products and services we sell, with quality and responsibility